The Real Wonder Woman

I’ve always enjoyed strong female characters in movies (strong female singers as well). I don’t know why. Maybe it reminds me of my own mom who, even to this day, seems capable of making lemonade out of the worst lemon. To put it bluntly, I’ve never been intimidated or threatened by strong women around me.* […]

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Simple Faith

Something happened this morning I can't entirely explain. Or maybe it's that I don't want to explain it for fear of explaining it away. Have you ever had an epiphany, or some kind of movement in your spirit, and you know, you just know, something has changed? But the more you talk about it, the […]

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Close Your Eyes and Jump

I’ve never been a fan of the “prosperity Gospel.” And by that, I mean I don’t like the idea of holding a demand over God’s head – the whole “I do this, you do that” mentality. “I marry the woman you want me to, and you, God, make her extraordinarily beautiful, emotionally healthy, and the […]

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God’s Classroom

It’s the end of the school year here, and things have wrapped up pretty well. Our first day of legitimate summer was last Thursday, and it was a bit of a rough beginning. School ends, and we’re all like, “Now what?” But we’ll find our footing.  But anyway, all the projects and report cards came […]

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