Simple Faith

Something happened this morning I can't entirely explain. Or maybe it's that I don't want to explain it for fear of explaining it away. Have you ever had an epiphany, or some kind of movement in your spirit, and you know, you just know, something has changed? But the more you talk about it, the […]

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Close Your Eyes and Jump

I’ve never been a fan of the “prosperity Gospel.” And by that, I mean I don’t like the idea of holding a demand over God’s head – the whole “I do this, you do that” mentality. “I marry the woman you want me to, and you, God, make her extraordinarily beautiful, emotionally healthy, and the […]

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Mother Mary

I remember a few years ago, driving at night down 280. It’s this freeway that runs north and south in the San Francisco Bay Area, winding through rolling hills of trees and meadows. I think I was probably heading home from the hospital my wife was staying at, both of us having only recently come […]

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Dear Past Me

(Pic: Pikul Noorod/ At around December of 2013, my wife was diagnosed with a serious mental illness. This was after having our third child in three years, and since then, right up till just maybe a few months ago, it’s been like a constant storm in my life, and in our family, but not without […]

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Here’s to Whatever Comes

Today, in our diocese, we celebrated the Feast of the Ascension. In other words, we celebrate the time in Christ’s life when, after Resurrecting, He spoke His parting words to His disciples and ascended up into the clouds, taken up into Heaven and away from their sight. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot more about […]

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A Good Day

Today was a good day. We try to have a sort of family catechism regularly and today was all about Adoration. I read a little booklet about this child who asks his mother what Adoration is and she explains, among other things, that sometimes, outside of the normal Mass hour, Catholics come to adore Christ present in […]

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