The Beatitudes: An Introduction (podcast)

5 thoughts on “The Beatitudes: An Introduction (podcast)

      1. Hmm…well, I have to say that I felt that your voice had a more meditative and contemplative quality in the podcast version. Now that may have just been my imagination and the absence of any visual cues or visual material. Then again, it may have been that because you were only recording the sound of your voice, you projected more into how you sounded. It may possibly be a bit more of the latter because I’ve also just listened to your videos when they have had less visual content. For me, your voice quality in the podcast more easily helped my to get to that contemplative spot where I think you wanted me to be, the same spot where you were speaking from. I’m not sure if that helps? Or if it’s what you were looking for? (And you may want someone else to listen to the podcast and just the audio from a video to see if they agree. I do recall definitely thinking while listening to the podcast “His voice is really nice in this.”)

      2. That’s really helpful. Thank you. 🙂 That’s what others have mentioned, too, actually. part of it is I’d rather just do one or the other, not both. Takes up too much time.

      3. Just a thought…if you’re able to, make just one voice recoding as a podcast then use that as the dialog for a video, even if it’s done with photos rather than “live” action. And maybe not for all of the podcasts, maybe just the ones that get the most plays….sort of like your “Greatest Hits”! (But respectfully of course…I tend to get too silly sometimes!)

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