How to Catholic: Daily Mass (video)

This should be the last video I do in this series. Thanks to all of you who have been following along! I hope it’s been helpful. 

*For Catholics, keep in mind that mortal sin is not forgiven until you confess it to a priest, and you ought not take the Eucharist unless you are free from mortal sin. The time of confession during the Mass cannot take the place of this.

*For nonCatholics, as far as I know, the sacramental benefits of Mass apply only to those initiated into the Catholic Church.

One thought on “How to Catholic: Daily Mass (video)

  1. I’m really a little sad to see this series coming to an end. I’ve enjoyed it and the medium of video was a great way to share not only “the mind content “but “the heart content” as well. One of the biggest changes for me in going to an Episcopal Church has been in the Eucharist each time we gather together for worship. (And I do wish we could worship together daily too!) The perspective is very different from in a once monthly Communion service that I had been accustomed to, and you have communicated that very effectively in this video. Thanks for all your time and energy in putting these together for us!

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