How to Catholic: Lectio Divina (video)

I’ve got a new video up in the “How to Catholic” series. This one is a about a method of reading Scripture called “Lectio Divina”. I hope you enjoy it.

The priest who taught me this method was Fr. Sweeney. You can check out a video of him describing this process (and a lot of other stuff) here.

(Pic: Nancy Bauer/

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5 thoughts on “How to Catholic: Lectio Divina (video)

      1. Sure! And I follow the lectionary readings each morning, so I really will just need to reserve the Gospel for last (where I’ve been saving the Psalms for last). This seems quite fitting for readings from the Gospel and preparing to go out into the world.

  1. Just wanted to share that this has been very helpful to me in my morning readings. For me, it works very well with The Gospel reading for the day, and I find myself not so much thinking about new revelations from God’s Word (though I do), but remembering previous messages that I’ve heard (or read) that used The Gospel reading for the day as their source text…then I look at what is remembered in hopefully a new and fresher way. Thanks so much for sharing this with us here!

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