The Wisdom of Pope Francis (WPF) – Intro

One of the more delightful surprises I’ve had becoming Catholic is the fruit of the office of the Pope. I don’t know if that sounds weird or not. For me, a couple years ago it would have. When I studied the Catholic faith, what I cared about were the arguments for and against, or maybe my own swirling thoughts in the middle, which led me to a lot of apologetics websites. But now that I’m “in” and the dust has settled on all my questions and answers, it’s been a joy to read the thoughts of Pope Emeritus Benedict, Pope Francis, and other popes of the past just for the sake of spiritual growth. For the most part, they don’t tower from on high like one might think, seeing as how they were/are leaders of the biggest religious organization in the world. They speak with passion, with depth, with humility – more than anything like simply fellow pilgrims on the Way. They stand as both safe-guarders of the Catholic tradition and also the captains at the head of the church, pointing the way forward – connecting the often complicated treasury of godly wisdom with the equally complicated world we live in.
I’ve been trying to take in and process the nuggets of wisdom coming from these men who, before they became popes, were simply people who had spent they’re years in ministry, living out their callings trying to follow Jesus like the rest of us. Reading them is like sitting down with a mentor who gently, sincerely, and humbly tries to share the bit of wisdom he’s gained in the ups and downs of the Christian life. And, as my brother once said of an older pastor friend, watching them elaborate on theology is like watching an old man leaf through a family photo album, describing what makes each picture so meaningful. You begin to realize that these men don’t know Christ as some kind of academic subject they happen to have Ph.D. in. They know Christ.
The one I’ve been following most closely lately has been Pope Francis for obvious reason: he’s my pope. He’s trying to speak, quite literally today what he feels God wants us to know today. In the following posts, I hope to share some of his wisdom and what it’s like trying to live it.

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