Count Me Out

It’s hard to know what to say about abortion… only that it’s been on my heart lately. It’s hard to know what to say because it’s one of those knee-jerk, polarizing issues that no one can seem to be neutral about – including me… and that’s saying a lot. To choose to abort a child raises so much ire on one side and to be a young single mother with her whole life ahead of her raising a child brings a lot of ire, too – though perhaps not as much as in older days.
But I’m sorry, you can add me to the long list of pro-life zealots who just doesn’t get it. No, I am not a woman. I don’t understand what it’s like to be put in a position like that. I will probably never be a single dad. I know what it’s like to wonder how you are going to afford another child. I’ve felt that pinch, but nothing like the fear and pressure of a teenage girl who’s boyfriend is telling her to just get rid of “it” or parents who don’t want the stigma or her own heart, telling her she’ll be throwing her life away if she has this baby. But when a Planned Parenthood representative starts saying that a child born alive after a botched abortion should have her life or death decided by the woman and doctor,* I begin to wonder what has happened. How did we get to this point where even a child born alive can be seen as just another expediency?
I consider myself as part of the “younger generation” – you know, those people who are supposed to be highly liberal, pro-choice, pro-Obama, who are leaving the church in droves because it’s not progressive and with the times. But the kind of sloppy thinking that goes along with arguments for why a fetus should not be considered a child are part of the reason I’m still a Christian. If my progressive generation is so smart, so ahead of the church, how can they not see this?
I’ll bypass all the scientific and philosophical evidence that bolsters my point,** and cut to the chase: no one knows when life begins. So if no one really knows – if no one can really peg it at 9 months in the womb, 8 months, 4 months, or 4 weeks – then the safest, most humane, most moral thing to do is to assume that what is growing inside a woman’s body when she is pregnant is a living child from the moment of conception. To think otherwise is to play Russian roulette with another person’s life. Under no other circumstance would anyone ever think of doing such a thing. So why is abortion the exception?
And if it is a human life….. then over 50 million innocent children have been murdered since Roe v. Wade in the USA alone. So much for the “justice” and “equal rights” of progressive politics and progressive ideas.
Abortion is an issue that should not have to be tied to Republicans vs. Democrats, or Religious vs. Secular, or Traditional vs. Progressive. It should just be a human issue. We ought to know better. And that doesn’t mean we need to bomb abortion clinics or stigmatize those who have made the decision to abort. It just means we need to stop doing it!
But my fear is that it’s too late, and I am on the outside of where our culture is heading. If so, like Pilate, I wash my hands of this crime. Count me out.

*see it for yourself here
**though, if you want to hear them, listen here


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